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The Miami Live Seminar - August 18-21, 2012

Learn Advanced Trading Strategies.
A Rocket Booster For Your Trading Profits.

Dear Trader,

Is it possible for you to make 600% in 16 months of trading? Is it possible for you to take a small account and turn it into something much bigger? Big enough to start doing what you want?

In the last 12 years, I have spoken to thousands of traders across the world. My life's work is to bring traders the information they need to succeed. But I rarely travel anymore. It takes too much out of me.

I've planned one more live seminar for this year, to be held in Miami Beach, Florida. Today I'd like to personally invite you to attend this live seminar event, to learn powerful new trading strategies, to get individual attention and the help you need to build a real plan to trade for a living, and to meet successful traders who can help you reach your goals.


If you are interested in aggressively trading to build a small account into a larger one, or if you want to see how professional traders manage their accounts - then this intense 4 day workshop is for you. If you don't like risk, then don't attend. For years I wondered if I should open up these trading techniques to traders, and then I realized: Everyone has a right to know what works in the markets.

Meet Successful Traders

Sunil Mangwani - he's an expert in Harmonic Trading patterns, and he's produced a 600% return in 18 months. He is ready to show you his trading account, his performance, and tell you how he did it. Sunil is invited to speak all over the world and I convinced him to come speak to you openly, personally, and tell you what he does, how he does it, but most importantly: How you can do it, too.

Rob Wilson - he has taken over 10,000 trades on the EUR/USD, has managed money for investors, and will trade live and show you his real account, real trades, real performance, and he will openly tell you exactly how he did it. He's the star of our live trading on Days 2 and 3. You can do what Rob Wilson does - he sets up his charts simply and then trades aggressively.Rob Booker - I don't just share with you the way that I trade. I share with you the strategies and principles that lead to success in trading, for the long term. I want you to trade for a living, for the rest of your life. I have been interviewing traders and mentoring successful money managers for 10 years. I have managed - succesfully and unsuccessfully - millions of dollars for investors around the world. My life's work is to teach traders what works. I jump out of bed in the morning, excited to talk to traders. I am doing this live seminar so that you can learn to trade for a living. It's that simple.

Learn New Trading Strategies

HARMONIC PATTERNS - These are some of the most precise entries on trend and counter-trend trades you will ever see. I am amazed at what Sunil Mangwani does. He will teach you to use these patterns in your trading so that you can better time your trade entries, plan more trades, get more wins - and make more money. Period. He's the best there is with these patterns. In the world.

ADVANCED EDGE TRADING - Wilson has traded profitably for himself and investors with more than 10,000 short-term trades on the EUR/USD. His track record is staggering in its breadth. He can speak about short-term trading success fluently in a way that you will immediately understand. You will not get another chance to hear him live this year - he's moving to Australia and this is the only time you are going to have the chance to see him and trade with him live.

SUPER CLOUD TRADING - I (Booker) am ready to teach you the earliest entries on trades from the medium-term charts (trades last 1-3 days) with GIANT reward to risk ratios - 5:1 or better, and show you how to use just an hour or two each day to find and plan and take the trades. This is "cloud trading" as I call it, and it's more advanced, more profitable, and easier to set up than ever before. You'll see how I plan my live trades, the trades for my alert service, and get a plan for trading 15 different currency pairs.

But that's just the start. You'll also receive:

How to build a trading plan. We'll teach you how to build a simple, effective, realistic, aggressive trading plan for building your account.

Risk management. We'll always teach you where to set your stops and profit targets, and how much to risk on each trades.

Slides and presentation notes. We'll prepare the slides and presentations in advance and send them to you or give them to you at the live seminar.

Personal attention. This is not a giant seminar. You'll have time and access to the instructors.

TWO Special Bonuses Right Now

BULLET TRADING - A $500 VALUE - Rob Wilson will give you access to 19 private videos - the FULL Bullet Trading course. Traders right now pay $500 for this course, but you get it absolutely free as part of your Miami Seminar registration. This is an amazing value, with over 8 hours of recorded instruction on how to trade on the short-term charts. These lessons are packed with trading strategies, risk management lessons, lessons on the psychology of short-term trading, and much more. You'll get access to these videos IMMEDIATELY with your registration to the seminar TODAY.

THE CLOUD COURSE - Rob Booker will give you access to 3 recorded classes on the Cloud Trading Method - so you will be ready to trade live on Days 3 and 4. These cloud trading techniques give you huge profit targets and small stop losses and set up trades many times every week, so you get plenty of high-win percentage trades during the week. You'll get access to these videos on August 1 as part of your live seminar registration.

Live Seminar Schedule

Day 1: Harmonic Patterns, Money Management, Psychology of Harmoics Trading

Day 2: Harmonic Patterns continued, Gartleys, Butterflies, Cloud Trading, introduction to Edge Trading, How to build a simple trade plan for growing a small account or living from a larger account, How long does it take to trade for a living?, the 10 habits of highly successful traders

Days 3-4: Edge Trading, live trading during market hours, trading competition (with prizes), Advanced Cloud Trading, Aggressive risk management techniques of professional traders, How to start a money management business, Special afternoon lunch with Rob Booker, and much more

We'll send you the full schedule and hotel details when you register.

TWO More Bonuses

ALL-ACCESS BREAKFAST: By registering now at the early-discount rate, you help us fill the seminar quickly, and we'll give you a ticket to a breakfast with the instructors. On Day 2, we'll buy you breakfast and meet for 90 minutes, and you can ask us anything, talk about your trading, build a trading plan, get personal instruction and help, and much more.

LUNCH WITH BOOKER : Have you ever thought of getting into the money management or education business? Rob Booker will share with you the seminar budget - you will see how much it cost to put on, how much revenue came in, why he got started in teaching traders, and give you a full mini-seminar on why teaching people to trade can help you become a better trader. But that's not all - Rob will also talk about how to manage money, how you know you're ready, how to make the most amount of money for your investors and for yourself, a regulations overview, and once again - MUCH more. If you have ever had lunch with Rob, you know it can get wild. Bring your notebook. This will NOT be recorded.

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Date: August 18-21
Location: Miami Beach, Florida
4 days of instruction
and live trading

Rob Booker Miami Beach Live Seminar
Number of payments: 2
1At checkout $299.00 USD
2after 1 week $699.00 USD
Total $998.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
The seminar deposit and fee is not refundable because we reserve the meeting room and food in advance. If you are unable to attend we will offer you credit toward a future live event or a recorded seminar.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rob Booker Live Seminars

How much does it cost?

Usually about $1,500 (but there is a big discount right now above). We charge as little as possible to cover expenses for the event. Many live seminars are $3,000-5,000 for just one or two days. A live seminar with us is not intended to make us rich. We do not live from the education business. We teach because we are passionate about trading and love traders (you need only see us in person for 5 minutes to figure this out). Rob Booker is practically addicted to spending time with traders - we do these seminars to help you. Rob has mentored hundreds of traders who have moved on to trading at investment banks, working as analysts for major fx brokers, managing money for themselves, and a large number of the trader-educators you see on the web today were his students in the early 2000s.

What is the seminar schedule?

See above for a summary. We pack a lot of information in a small amount of time.

On Days 1 and 2, Sunil Mangwani will teach Harmonic Patterns trading. On Days 3 and 4 Rob Wilson and Rob Booker will teach trading strategies, and all 3 instructors will trade live. You can trade live with us.

What is included?

The live instruction, bonus videos (which you receive before the seminar and can watch to prepare), seminar slides, breakfast on Day 2, lunch on Day 3, the chance to go out on Miami Beach at night and raise hell with Rob Wilson (and maybe Rob Booker), and the experiece of a lifetime.

Where should you fly to? Where should you stay?

Fly to Miami International Airport or Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Miami International is about a $30 taxi fare to Miami Beach. You can stay anywhere on Miami Beach and take a taxi to the seminar each day. The hotel for the seminar is either the Loews, Betsy, or Fontainbleau - we are making final arrangements today (on July 16-17) and will send you a notice about hotel discounts. But stay anywhere you want, as cheaply as you want, or share a room with another seminar attendee (we'll help you set that up).

Miami Beach, Florida | August 18-21, 2012